Paul Component Engineering Touring Cantilever Brake Polish

Paul Component Engineering Touring Cantilever Brake Polish

  • BPC Product ID: BPC382831
  • UPC ID: 817496010044
  • Manufacturer ID: 030POLISH

Price: $129.00


The Paul Components Touring Cantilever Brake is designed to work with road or short-pull mountain levers. It offers a narrower profile without significantly reducing stopping power.
  • The arms of the Touring Canti are machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum
  • A T-shaped cross section prevents the brake from flexing too much under load
  • Brake pads mount to slots in the arms that allow for vertical positioning
  • The toe-in and angle can be fine-tuned thanks to the spherical washers on the brake pads’ threaded posts
  • With the sealed pivot mechanism, rubber seals and a stainless steel bushing keep the brake arms turning smoothly no matter what you're riding through
  • Spring tension can be adjusted in both pivots to center the brake and to adjust the strength of the return swing
  • Includes straddle cable and hanger

Additional Information

Brake Lever Actuation Short Pull
Brake Mount Type Canti Studs
Color Polished
Material Aluminum
Pad Attachment Style Threaded Post
Weight 130 g