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Burgtec UDH Hanger - Burgtec Bullion Gold

Burgtec UDH Hanger - Burgtec Bullion Gold

  • BPC Product ID: BPC202614
  • UPC ID: 724901933396
  • Manufacturer ID: 10688

Price: $43.99


Burgtec UDH Hanger

- Designed to simplify thousands of hangers into one universal design that can be easily stocked in your shop
- It brings all bike brands together into one universal hanger that creates a sensible solution for replacing damaged derailleur hangers more easily
- Uniquely forged and fully machined from aluminum, providing the toughest hanger possible
- Follows SRAM's design by incorporating a design that allows backwards rotation in the event of a forward impact
- Available in 9 colors and includes the washer and mounting screw

Item Specifications

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