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Apidura Backcountry Saddle Pack, (10L), Grey/Black

Apidura Backcountry Saddle Pack, (10L), Grey/Black

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  • Manufacturer ID: PBL-0000-000

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Apidura Backcountry Saddle Pack

- Constructed from Dimension-Polyant VX21 developed for the maritime industry and 420D nylon
- Material offers full waterproofing, lightweight, low stretch and high abrasion and tear resistance
- Welded at the seams to create a watertight seal that ensures the bag is completely waterproof
- Designed in the United Kingdom
- Third party online sales strictly prohibited by manufacturer

Item Specifications

  • model|mount|capacity|dimensions|weight|color: Backcountry|strap|610 cu in (10.0L)|30x18x16cm|375g|black