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Bike Yoke Aimey Stem Aligner and Clamp - Black

Bike Yoke Aimey Stem Aligner and Clamp - Black

  • BPC Product ID: BPC202042
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  • Manufacturer ID: AIMY

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Bike Yoke Aimey Stem Clamp and Aligner

- Aimy serves as a regular headset spacer, measuring 8mm tall and weighing in at 8g
- Aimy is a small but neat little gadge for everyone who likes to wrench on their bike. Unlike an ordinary headset spacer, Aimy is clamped onto the steerer tube, preventing the steerer from falling through your headset, once you remove your stem
- Additionally, you can use Aimy as a reference to easily re-align your handlebar in case you twist your stem for whatever unfortunate reason

Item Specifications

  • ID|size|color: 1-1/8"|8mm|black