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Bike Yoke Modefixxer Pro II, Canyon Strive - Black

Bike Yoke Modefixxer Pro II, Canyon Strive - Black

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  • Manufacturer ID: MFPROII

Price: $135.00


Bike Yoke Canyon Modefixxer

- This little device replaces the Shapeshifter unit from your model year 2019-2020 Canyon Strive (second generation Strive)
- Compared to the original Modefixxer DH, the PRO II Version offers not only one, but two adjustable lengths, which allow two different geometries for your Strive
- Even though the Shapeshifter is the main feature of Canyon's Strive, there are several reasons why you would want to replace it with the Modefixxer: 1. No defective gas spring 2. Two geometry modes: DH-Mode and new TR-Mode, which adjusts your geometry in the middle between original DH-Mode and XC-Mode 3. Clean looks, due to remote and cable removal 4. Weight saving: Approximately 130g to 150g, depending on original remote housing length 5. No suspension/play in the Shapeshifter gas spring
- Modefixxer is simply installed as a substitute to your original Shapeshifter unit
- 3rd party web sales (eBay, Amazon, etc.) are strictly prohibited by the manufacturer

Item Specifications

  • description|fits model: Modefixxer Pro II|2019-2020 Canyon Strive (second generation)