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BOS Suspension Void 2 Rare 267x89mm Rear Air Downhill Shock

  • BPC Product ID: BPC427944
  • UPC ID: 3701053002160
  • Manufacturer ID: 151008E015A21

Price: $900.00


The Void2 was made with the top-end down hill racer in mind. The Evo compression piston keeps the shock supple, active and in control. The air spring has been designed to reduce breakaway force and mirror the sensitivity you'd find in a coil shock.
  • Hydraulic bump stop controls bottom-out events
  • Eva air spring and Evo air seals work to decrease breakaway force
  • Recommended service interval is once per year or twice per year if racing
  • Includes the progressivity tuning kit to increase ramp of the spring

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Item Specifications
Eye to eye length10.5