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Surly Clown Shoe Rim 26" 32h Black

Surly Clown Shoe Rim 26" 32h Black

  • BPC Product ID: BPC378589
  • UPC ID: 708752071766
  • Manufacturer ID: 1415AQ8

  • Brand: Surly
  • Category: Rims
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The Surly Clown Shoe rim. Don't let the name fool you...this rim is no joke. Highly recommended for your Moonlander build.
  • Designed for 4.7" tires like the Surly Big Fat Larry
  • Unique 64 hole dual spoke hole pattern; allows for offset or non-offset wheelbuilding
  • For centered wheel building: alternate between rows of spoke holes, keeping the spokes from one side of the flange going to the row of spoke holes on the same side of the rim
  • 100mm alloy rim with cutouts for weight reduction and showcasing rimstrips
  • For offset wheel building: choose one row of spoke holes and stick to it

Additional Information

Item Specifications
Hub Drilling32
Rim Depth17.7
Manufacturer Spec ERD543.5
ISO Diameter559 / 26" mtn
Wheel Size26"
Tire TypeClincher
Rim Center Offset20
Rim JointWelded
Brake TrackNone
Rim Width (External)100
Rim MaterialAlloy
Rim Width (Internal)94
QBP Measured ERD (mm)543.5