All-City Deluxe Double Strap Black Leather Pair

All-City Deluxe Double Strap Black Leather Pair

  • BPC Product ID: BPC366898
  • UPC ID: 708752059535

Price: $55.00


All-City Deluxe Double Toe Straps Toe Clips & Straps. The new ultimate in toe strap security, longevity, and performance. Two pieces of high quality genuine leather sandwiched between a layer of non stretch laminate with new non slip buckles.
  • Sandwich stitiched construction
  • Non-slip buckles
  • Considerably thicker than your average double toe strap, so make sure the windows on your pedals will accommodate them
  • Compatible with all All-city pedals, though for best results you will need to unbolt the cages before threading the strap through the pedal body

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Color Black